What Are Video Sewer Inspections

sewer inspection

Video sewer and drain inspections have come a long way in how we are able to troubleshoot a problematic drain line.

The idea of sending any high-tech camera into an environment such as a sewer line was unthinkable and very risky when the technology was in its infancy. Since then, the quality of the camera equipment has become so reliable and rugged that the difference could be compared to a common x-ray and an MRI machine.

Our ability to visually confirm the exact cause of problematic utility lines is invaluable. The combination of video inspection and locating the exact spot of utility deficiencies means there is no more guesswork. The days of witching sticks and wild guesses are pretty much over. (Although I have on occasion seen old timers use witching sticks extremely accurately. True story.)

Real Estate and video inspections are now joined at the hip. If you are a first-time home buyer, be prepared to have your sewer inspected as part of the escrow closure process. The sewer will be inspected and documented at the point where the sewer line exiting the home meets the line in the yard up
to the connection point at the city's main sewer line. (The sewer lateral). In the inspection, a report is generated that will call out any deficiencies in the line and both buyer and seller can negotiate terms of resolution and credits before the closure of escrow. This is required. What is not required is the inspection of the existing underground piping underneath your new prospective home.

A home inspector will generally perform a walk-through of the property checking off various items ranging from furnace inspections to water heater safety, flushing toilets, smoke detectors, etc. This does not include an actual visual of the waste lines buried under the concrete slab.

I cannot stress enough the importance of investing in a video inspection of these primary and secondary lines under the structure. All too many times I have seen a newly remodeled home that has flooded with raw sewage due to aged and failed drainage infrastructure that was “overlooked” prior to the purchase.

Today, The technology is available to inspect the existing lines so there is no good reason to not have it done as It will protect your investment and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future repairs. I am not exaggerating when I say that I’ve witnessed countless brand-new kitchens and baths ripped out simply due to placing the priority on cosmetics without testing the “things you don’t see”.

Video Inspections are an essential tool when troubleshooting and investing in Real Properties. Hydrotek Pipe Services Co. will help navigate you step by step through the entire process keeping your investment safe and avoiding unforeseen costs down the line.