Sewer Camera Video Inspection

Ventura Sewer Video Camera Inspections

We offer camera inspections for sewer lateral lines in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. This pipe connects your property’s system to the city’s main wastewater line. Typically, the city is responsible to maintain and repair this main line, while you are responsible for the lateral. 

There are a few situations that necessitate an inspection:

  1. The first is if you experience an issue with your sewer line. Noticeable backups, areas of your property that are unexpectedly wet, or especially slow drains can all be signs that you should get the help of our Ventura sewer camera inspection services to find out what has caused the issue. 
  2. Another situation is the preparation stages for a real estate transaction. We have seen it all too often: a person invests in a new home or property only to find out that their sewer line is severely clogged or damaged. To steer clear of a mishap like this, securing an inspection is the best move. 
  3. Lastly, there are cases where the city might require you to get an inspection because they believe your lateral line is faulty or damaged. For example, the city of Santa Barbara has a list of “inspection triggers” that could formally require you to seek the help of a professional. Some of these triggers include cases where your property was the source of a larger issue with the city’s main sewer line or if you are adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) that has more than 400 total square feet. 

If you know you need an inspection for your lateral sewer line, let us take care of it. We understand that problems with your sewer line can feel daunting and adhering to local codes can be complicated. No matter the situation, we can perform an inspection and use our experience to guide you through whatever the next steps might be. We have helped numerous property owners throughout the years, and we would be glad to help you too. 

What Is a Presale Private Sewer Line (PSL) Inspection?

The kind of inspection we complete for real estate properties is a presale private sewer line (PSL) inspection. In Ventura specifically, a seller is responsible for having a certified plumbing contractor complete a PSL inspection if 1) more than 10 years had passed since the last inspection, or if 2) the line had been installed within the last 10 years. Regardless of the situation, a PSL is a great thing to secure before any real estate transaction. 

When we perform our PSL inspection, you can expect us to first obtain the appropriate permits. After the process, we can provide you with a video of the inspection. We are also able to send copies of this video and necessary paperwork to any city entity or agent. 

In cases where the local government requires your PSL inspection, we can help you navigate the process. For example, the city of Ventura responds to mandated inspections with a competency or defect letter. A competency letter means your lateral line is in good condition, while a defect letter indicates that you need to address an issue with the line. In the latter situation, we can assist you in taking the best course of action to deal with the issue and get your lateral line up to the city’s standards. 

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The Advantage of Lateral Line Inspections

With our sewer camera inspection services in Ventura, you can have a clear understanding of what has caused your sewer backup or any other issue within a short period. We are often able to identify problems within an hour or so. Not only that, but this technology lets us diagnose issues with incredible precision. Whether it is a blockage, crack, corrosion, or anything else that has affected your lateral line, we can make a targeted plan to address it by way of repairs, upgrades, hydro jetting, or trenchless replacements

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