CIPP Pipe Re Lining

CIPP Re-Lining in Ventura, California 

What Is Cured-in-Place Piping?

Property owners can save serious time and money with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) re-lining. This repair offers a simple, minimal dig solution for aging problematic or damaged pipes. Below we break down the steps we take for CIPP re-lining. 

CIPP re-lining involves the following: 

  1. Initially, we clear any blockages via hydro jetting or another effective method. We then inspect the piping that needs to be replaced to understand the scope of the damage. We use the information we gather from the inspection to tailor our approach.
  2. The process of CIPP re-lining involves coating a liner in resin and guiding it into your damaged pipe. Once in place, we fit a calibration tube (Cal Tube) and drive air into the tube. This inflates the tube, pressing the resin against the old pipe and curing the resin.
  3. We ensure the resin is properly cured, then we remove the Cal tube and liner is now secured to the host pipe. To ensure our solution has fixed the problem, we inspect the pipe again.

While CIPP re-lining is not right for every situation, there are numerous types of piping issues it can fix. Contact us today to find out if this advantageous method of repair is an option for your damaged or aging pipes. 

When CIPP Re-Lining Is Ideal

We mentioned above that CIPP re-lining is a great solution in certain cases. To help you get an idea of whether it could be ideal for your property, we have compiled some examples of issues this method of repair can fix. 

Our Ventura CIPP re-lining services can strengthen aging pipes or those that age or corrosion has weakened. These are common problems that can lead to more complex and costly issues such as leaks and bursting. By re-lining your pipes with this technique, you can essentially get a new pipe in less time and with fewer hassles than replacement methods that rely on excavation.

This trenchless technique is also a great option for pipes that tree roots have ruptured. We can use a combination of hydro jetting and CIPP re-lining to effectively clear the debris, then repair your pipe and leave it just as good as new. 

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How Long Can CIPP Re-Lining Last?

Many estimates suggest that a pipe that is re-lined using CIPP can last for up to 50 years or more. This type of longevity can make it a great investment for all types of properties. Plus, because this method does not require excavation, it saves time, labor, and hassle. You will not have to worry about destroying your landscaping or hardscaping. Instead, you get a reliable solution to your plumbing issue with none of the mess of traditional techniques. 

At Hydtrotek Pipe Services, we are your go-to for advantageous trenchless repair methods like CIPP re-lining in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. All our solutions are backed by decades of experience and our commitment to meeting the highest standards of workmanship. To schedule an appointment with us, simply reach out. We will be happy to speak with you and develop a personalized plan to provide what you need. liner shooting

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