Trenchless Sewer Repair Or Pipe Replacement Really Means “No Digging”


Trenchless pipe replacement otherwise known as Trenchless sewer repair or “No dig” pipe procedures continues to evolve in all residential applications as well as in municipalities.

I am often asked exactly what no dig repair utility replacement is, and the explanation sometimes leaves clients a little more confused as it is the visual picture of removing a pipe without digging is a little hard to grasp at first. As we are all familiar with digging a trench. You put in the pipe, bury the pipe, and boom, the job is done. Easy to comprehend. But when it comes to minimally invasive utility replacement,(another good term) today’s technologies have become more efficient and easier than ever to safely replace aging utility infrastructure without digging the Panama Canal. Think of scalpels and surgeries versus small incisions and endoscopes with light and video cameras.

Lately, with most of our population working from home, we have seen a substantial increase in homeowners with newly found time on their hands to get some of the back-burner household improvements started or finished. What we are finding is, the sewers have original material under the home in most of these dwellings. Unfortunately, most of these homes that have been purchased within the last few years and had kitchens or baths remodeled, went for a cosmetic makeover for a more attractive property.

But here’s the problem. Although the kitchen and bath look spectacular, the buried utility under these rooms looks more like a cave from Jurassic Park and unfortunately not uncommon. With all the new technology and minimally invasive procedures available, there is hope for your dream kitchen and bath using techniques that can bring the utility back to life without the massive destruction of your new floors.

A Good example of this, and one of my favorites, is trenchless pipe bursting. When your utility is a candidate for a trenchless pipe bursting procedure, rest assured that #1 you will save money, and #2, it has a proven track record of over 2 decades giving you peace of mind.

We use all the latest technology and engineering to do the job quickly, efficiently, and without creating a mess so please consider calling Hydrotek Pipe Services the next time you need assistance with your bathroom or kitchen.